Monday, November 30, 2009

Church Dress Just In: Red Stained Dress

  • Fuchsia and Red dress with slim straps
  • Yellow Detailing on sweetheart neckline
  • Pin tucked detailing on waistline
  • Perfect for a Christmas Party. Pair it with a shrug,shawl or suit jacket

$30 CAD
Sizes M-L

Email to order

With A Smile,

Church Dress

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Church Dress Just In: Holiday Wallets

  • High Quality Holiday inspired PVC wallet with card and money holder slots.
  • Dimensions 3.5 " X 7 "
  • Perfect evening wallet or mini clutch. This wallet also holds your cell phone.
  • Limited Time Offer

$10.00 CAD

Colours: Pink/ Purple/ Red/ Blue/ Beige/ White
One Size

Email to order

With A Smile,

Church Dress

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Church Dress TIPS: We Heart Shoes

Shoes are a big deal. They can make or break an outfit and your wallet. At any cost church shoes are a great investment. One great pair can last you a lifetime so spend wisely but fashionably.

Recently, I have seen shoes and boots that are gorgeous for church.They are unique but also very versatile. Here are a few that graced the aisles of Apple Creek Seventh Day Adventist Church.

These are my fav with the Black Patent Leather and a Cobalt blue heel.

Classic black leather boots with nylons compliment any knee length skirt.

Metallic Gun Metal Grey Stilettos will spruce up any outfit. * Drooling*

Take your Pick ;)

With A Smile,

Aquila of Church Dress

Monday, November 23, 2009

Church Dress Features: Karla's Closet

I love all things BLOGish. There is no better feeling like discovering a new fashion blog and seeing the creativity that people have with their clothing. One of my fave blogs is which features great pictures of Karla wearing amazing vintage and designer clothing. Each outfit is appropriate for the event the she is attending or the mood that she is in.

Karla not only wears nice clothes but engages her readers with stories about her daily routine and her family. Travel, music and magazine editorial are also topics featured on this popular fashion blog.The best thing about the blog is the array of colourful pictures. She takes many pictures daily and documents the items she wears and where they come from.After admiring her work, I was insipired to do the same.

Vintage Blazer, Forever21 Skirt, Vintage Heels, Old Navy Tank Top, Clutch Unknown , Belt Unknown.

With A Smile

Aquila of Church Dress

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Church Dress Just In: Midnight Cry Shrug

  • Black Sequin Cropped Shrug
  • Bow details on the front pockets
  • Satin Collar
  • 3 Clasps at the front
  • Perfect for over a dress shirt, tube dress or blouse
$30 CAD

Sizes S-M-L

Email to order

With A Smile,

Church Dress

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Church Dress TIPS: What to Wear to Sing.

My Church was having a concert to complete the evangelistic series they had over the month of October. I was asked to sing and sang a song that was dear to my heart. The biggest issue I always have with singing is choosing something to wear.

Its difficult deciding on something to wear to minister as you will be in front of many people, you want to look confedient and do not want to offend anyone.When selecting something to wear to sing a solo or even in the choir here are a few tips

  • Wear something loose. A suit Jacket is always a great option because it won't show the movement of your stomach while you are taking in air to sing
  • Wear comfortable shoes. In this performance my shoes were a mess! I couldn't properly plant my feet on the ground because of the carpet and the weird design of my shoes
  • Do not wear a girdle. That sounds like common sense but sometimes you forget. When singing forget about your shape and go girdleless!
  • Make sure you outfit is not too too warm. When you sing you naturally sweat, so wear clothing with breathable fabrics that won't show your sweat stains *pause*
  • Be modest! Where a skirt that is not above the knee as it looks horrible when you are elevated and everyone can see your unmentionables. A skirt or dress at the knee will not look shorter when you stand on a stage as the eye level of the congregation is at your knees. Low v necks are out of the question along with shoulder bearing tops or blouses. it goo distracting for both men and women when they are looking at you. The focus is on the message in the music not your sculpted arms.
In this video you will see what I wore and the song that I sang. I give myself 4 thumbs up lol!

With A Smile

Aquila of Church Dress

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Church Dress Needs Mercy!


Do you know my name?

My name is mercy. I was there when there was no one else around. I was there when you were bed ridden. I was there when you got stopped for that speeding ticket. I was there when all hope was gone. My name is mercy.

I never take a day off for I must be ready when Jesus sends me to help your soul. He loves using me for I show how great, loving and kind He really is. It’s great representing Jesus because He knows exactly when and where to send me. He predicts when you will need me and has me on call.

Imagine what your life without me? Imagine your life without God’s grace and mercy? You would be plagued with endless heartache, more debt, numerous illness, violence and injury.

My name is Mercy and as the French would say “ Merci”. Unfortunately, God’s children forget to say “Thank you”, when I come to their rescue. Just as they call upon God’s name, their lips should be dripping with praise. With the same voice that asks for mercy in the lowest moment of their lives, that voice should be lifted to say “ Thank you”.

Luke 6:35-36 says that we must love our enemies and give them all that we have without asking much in return. Be merciful as our God is merciful. Show mercy as God has shown mercy unto you. Use mercy in your daily life with your children and your coworkers. Show mercy to your friends and show much mercy to your spouse. Use me in times of anger, despair and trouble.

Be merciful as your God is merciful unto you. Remember my name for you will need me. My name is mercy.

With A Smile

Church Dress

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Church Dress Get Your Praise On!

I want to give some praise to My God! This is only song that reflects my emotions after a day of miracles and blessings!

With A Smile

Aquila of Church Dress