Thursday, November 5, 2009

Church Dress TIPS: What to Wear to Sing.

My Church was having a concert to complete the evangelistic series they had over the month of October. I was asked to sing and sang a song that was dear to my heart. The biggest issue I always have with singing is choosing something to wear.

Its difficult deciding on something to wear to minister as you will be in front of many people, you want to look confedient and do not want to offend anyone.When selecting something to wear to sing a solo or even in the choir here are a few tips

  • Wear something loose. A suit Jacket is always a great option because it won't show the movement of your stomach while you are taking in air to sing
  • Wear comfortable shoes. In this performance my shoes were a mess! I couldn't properly plant my feet on the ground because of the carpet and the weird design of my shoes
  • Do not wear a girdle. That sounds like common sense but sometimes you forget. When singing forget about your shape and go girdleless!
  • Make sure you outfit is not too too warm. When you sing you naturally sweat, so wear clothing with breathable fabrics that won't show your sweat stains *pause*
  • Be modest! Where a skirt that is not above the knee as it looks horrible when you are elevated and everyone can see your unmentionables. A skirt or dress at the knee will not look shorter when you stand on a stage as the eye level of the congregation is at your knees. Low v necks are out of the question along with shoulder bearing tops or blouses. it goo distracting for both men and women when they are looking at you. The focus is on the message in the music not your sculpted arms.
In this video you will see what I wore and the song that I sang. I give myself 4 thumbs up lol!

With A Smile

Aquila of Church Dress

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