Sunday, March 29, 2009

Church Dress HEARTS Punkey

Punkey at her Birthday Party last year.

Punkey Creative Director of Church Dress and Daniel Chief Journalist.

Church Dress is filled with creative individuals that make this team unique. One of those people are Punkey aka Cherith. She is filled with ideas that have developed Church Dress into what it is today. She is a Fashion graduate and is currently working on her " Fashion Masters" as I like to call it in Ottawa.

Her Couture line under the label Cherith. B is impecable. The colours and overall designs are stunning and classy. She was the team leader of the 1st annual Church Dress Fall Fashion Expo. If you go to the website you can see some of her Handy work. Seasonal trends and overall themes are all under Punkey's direction. She organizes every photoshoot, from the clothing to the make up and the selection of models. She does it all!

We miss Punkey dearly and can't wait for her to return home and make us handmade feathered Boas and bowties for the guys on our team.

Punkey you are appreciated and we thank you for all the hardwork you have done. Even though you are hours away, Church Dress is filled with your vision
and innovation. Oh by the way... when are you coming back!?!?!

PS. Happy B-day Punkster.

A small and dark lol Preview to Punkey's Cherith. B Couture line

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Church Dress@The Young Men and Women's Conference

Spring is coming around slowly but surely. Today was a glorious day both spiritually and with the wonderful weather here in Toronto. Church Dress worshiped with other young people at the Young Men and Women's Conference. The whole day was organized by the Ontario Conference for Seventh Day Adventists. I must say that they did an amazing job from the speaker Dr. Gamble to the praise team ( which Church Dress was A part of).

The Fashionistas showed up today to welcome the arrival to Spring. Thank God for the changes in seasons because I love seeing the change in everyone's dress. With the sun brings many many Church Dresses.
Creative Arts Ministry

Friday, March 6, 2009

Church Dress@...The Spot TONIGHT

Meet us at The Spot. It's Going Down! Church Dress was there last month and the focus was on Samson and Deliah " A He- Man with a She- Problem" This month, the story of the lovely Abigail- the one in the Bible- will rouse up a hearty discussion.

Check out
See ya there! Sit with us and be highly fashionable!

Church Dress @...The Spot TONIGHT

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Rebel-ution

The youth of Apple Creek were filled with excitement as the Rebel-ution occurred right before their eyes. Church Dress was a part of this Youth Service and made sure that the Rebel-ution was felt by presenting a Call to worship that was centered around the theme. We challenged the youth to do hard thing for Christ and stand out amongst theire.

The Church Dress ladies had our own Rebel-ution going on dressed in basic black with some colour here and there.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

MustWear... Leather Jackets

Leather is not only warm but highly fashionable. Church Dress suggests that in this weather wearing a leather jacket or gloves to Church- or any other event- is a choice that will make a difference.

Leather is versatile and looks great on both men and women. Make sure you select a style that is right for your body shape.Coloured leather is always a cleaver way of adding colour to your outerwear wardrobe.

Elise's leather jacket looked amazing on her one Sabbath morning. By the way Danier is having a noteworthy sale. You might just find that Leather Jacket that you have been looking for.

Church Dress Has Made this a MustWear!