Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Church Dress Needs Mercy!


Do you know my name?

My name is mercy. I was there when there was no one else around. I was there when you were bed ridden. I was there when you got stopped for that speeding ticket. I was there when all hope was gone. My name is mercy.

I never take a day off for I must be ready when Jesus sends me to help your soul. He loves using me for I show how great, loving and kind He really is. It’s great representing Jesus because He knows exactly when and where to send me. He predicts when you will need me and has me on call.

Imagine what your life without me? Imagine your life without God’s grace and mercy? You would be plagued with endless heartache, more debt, numerous illness, violence and injury.

My name is Mercy and as the French would say “ Merci”. Unfortunately, God’s children forget to say “Thank you”, when I come to their rescue. Just as they call upon God’s name, their lips should be dripping with praise. With the same voice that asks for mercy in the lowest moment of their lives, that voice should be lifted to say “ Thank you”.

Luke 6:35-36 says that we must love our enemies and give them all that we have without asking much in return. Be merciful as our God is merciful. Show mercy as God has shown mercy unto you. Use mercy in your daily life with your children and your coworkers. Show mercy to your friends and show much mercy to your spouse. Use me in times of anger, despair and trouble.

Be merciful as your God is merciful unto you. Remember my name for you will need me. My name is mercy.

With A Smile

Church Dress

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