Monday, October 19, 2009

Church Dress@ LG Toronto Fashion Week

Toronto LG Fashion week Officially starts NOW!I can smell the thread all the way from here lol. The first event of the week is the VAWK s/s 2010 show and I am blessed enough to be helping out. Sunny Fong is an amazing Canadian designer that I have always dreamt of meeting.Excitement is in the air but the biggest issue is what to wear. UGH!

I have to wear all black. Double UGH! I love wearing all black but when I am told to wear all black a draw a mental blank! Being comfortable is must because I have to help out with the show but heels are still mandatory. Here is what I have in mind.
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For A full List of LG Fashion week Events Check here

Me: " Hello Mr. Sunny Fong, my name is Aquila"
Mr. Fong: " Nice to meet you. Great Outfit"
* Pause and faints*

With A Smile
Church Dress

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