Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Church Dress Salutes You!

Church Dress Salutes Dr. Martin Luther King and President Barak Obama .

Today is a special day for many reasons. It's the day that a dream becomes a reality and for me it really hits home.All of my achievements
in my life are possible only by the freedoms given to me. I am free from being judged my the colour of my skin. I am free from being hostage to those who think that because I am black, my potential to succeed is low. Today, I join with the rest of my black brothers and sisters and celebrate our victory.This victory that we share motivates me to have larger, more elaborate and detailed dreams because every detail will be fulfilled just as the details of Dr. Martin Luther King's dream are being fulfilled today.
I attended the Dr.Martin Luther King Jr Celebration Saturday night and of course Tash was there. The theme was "Youth Living the Dream" and the evening was filled with talented young people who are literally living the dream. From YUNG SAINTS to dancers, to poets to youth choirs, the night was filled with ministry and entertainment. As expected, the Fashionistas were present!

Keenda,Thanks for the Bright colours in Winter!

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