Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Church Dress TIPS... How to "Repeat" Effectively

Church Dress TIP: How to "Repeat" Effectively

To all my recessionistas ( that includes me) this is how you do it. Wear the same pieces over and over again and do so effectively. Here is how....

- Change your Hairstyle
- Match the items with a different top or bottom
- Play up your make up
- Wear the item to various events
- Add old or new accessories

I heart Curry/ Saffron/Mustard coloured clothing! They make me feel golden when I wear them. My blazer was worn at three separate events and added to my looks.

In this pic I wore it with jeans and an elaborate blouse to a Birthday Dinner

At church the same blazer was paired with with a vintage skirt and the accessories were kept to a minimum.

This day I was visiting another church to minister through song. The accessories made my blazer come alive.

I did it and so can you. Don't front these are some hard and serious times. " Repeat " Effectively

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