Monday, April 6, 2009

Church Dress TIPS... Fragrances

Church is a very cozy atmosphere. You are gathered with your church family and friends. Everyone wants to give you a friendly hug and holy kiss. Its a great to feel loved but you have to make sure that other people can sense the love you have for yourself. Using a light perfume or cologne is one way to do this. Let be real, one of the worse things is to hug someone and get that musty smell from their church suit that is due for a visit to the cleaners lol.

Wearing a light fragrance makes me feel fresh and ready to worship. I know everyone does not like wearing strong perfumes so let me suggest a few of my favorites. They just might become your favorite too.

Baby Powder- Yes, I am talking about Johnsons&Johnsons. Its great for the person ( he or she) who does not like colognes or perfumes but wants to smell like they just walked out of the shower. Dab it behind the ears or on the neck for a longlasting effect.

Guess- I loved my Guess Perfume. It was a gift from my Daddy and I started using it only because he impressed me with his brand recognition lol. Now I can't get enough of it. Its delightful.

Burberry Weekend- Shout out to my cousin Kimmone who got this fragrance for me. It smells like a lovely honey lime with a hint of lemon.

Ralph Lauren Romance
- This scent is very mature and makes you feel like a valuable vintage dress. Its not for everyone but makes a difference in your attitude.

Clinque Happy- My ultimate favorite and the bottle is mad cute.

For men

Sexual Michel Germain- I know the name is provocative and may ignite a fire, but the smell is great, Just ask my bro.
Sean John Unforgivable- this scent is very familiar to me. My Bf wears it all the time lol. It has a strong undertone but is classic.

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  1. I like the Ralph Lauren Romance and I agree that this scent is very mature and makes you feel like a valuable vintage dress. Will certainly visit your site more often now.