Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Church Dress @...SWAY Magazine Monologues Event

So Church Dress got an invite to the SWAY Magazine Monologues Event and it was GRAND! We are kinda new to the VIP treatment but had a blast with our girl Shana. Hack stopped by to chill and then went back to making the big bucks. Loads of people were there. Many influential Black Canadians were present such as Zanana Akande, Alejandra Brava, Wells Davis, Joan Jenkinson, Clifton Joseph, Andrew Moodie, Dwayne Morgan, Naki Osutei,Michael Thompson and Rinaldo Walcott, just to name a few. The night was hosted by the noteworthy Farley Flex. We even met up with our long time friend EMZ ( One of our Young Millionaires. The post is soon to come.) after 5 years!

We honestly can say that we SWAYed the night away!

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