Sunday, February 22, 2009

Church Dress Dilemma... Leggings, Stockings and Tights(LST)

The craze of leggings. stocks and tights (LST) has infiltrated the lives of many women.

Just look at my colourful collection.

Before we speak about wearing leggings to Church lets differentiate between the terms leggings, stockings and tights.

  • Leggings the thickest of them all and can be worn under pants, dress or oversized Sweater.
  • Stockings are the sheer and imitate your skin. They can also be coloured and you skin peeks through.
  • Tights are solid stocking that are not sheer and thicker than stockings.

My favorite look with basic black leggings is a long sweater or dress and boots.

Even though LST are cozy, warm and very fashion, can they be worn to Church?

Here is my opinion ( which may not be yours) Being appropriate is very important when coming to Church. Leggings worn in the wrong way can be a disaster! Tights are a simple way to add colour and also can be worn as an alternate to sheer stockinsg. Stockings are the traditional type of hosiery for Church and always look classy and neat. Make sure they do not have any unintentional ladders aka runs. To play it safe tights and stocking are a great choice. For an edgier look leggings with a pair of booties would your best bet!

Another Church Dress Dilemma Solved.

What do you think?

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