Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Shades of Fall

The Shades of Fall

The Fall season is always a refreshing time as it displays changes in nature around us as well as in our choice of dress. As the weather cools down, it is oh so important to maintain your level of cool by wearing the hottest shades that this season will bring.

The top 5 colours to wear this fall season are:

Blue- can be highlighted with purple to create that shock value

Royal Lilac- This rich lilac is light and whimsical, yet remains professional and a colour of confidence.

Deep Red- This bold colour is also is a great mix of deep Purple and Red. Its darkness is elegant and will create a richer more mature way of viewing the colour Red.

Burnt Orange and Toasty Brown- These beautiful colours not only compliments its fall surroundings, but most skin tones. It is most appreciated when worn at the forefront of an outfit or as a major accent.

Mustard Yellow- What a delicious and mellow feel this colour brings to the season of changes! It remains traditional! The colour is so pure and clean, it can be worn in a simple piece yet stand out in crowds.
- Elise Beckles

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