Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ms. ChurchDress... My First Blog EVER!

Get your Church Dress On!

Church Dress was created in January of 2008 by a young church fashionista that wanted to make the fashion world a part of the church. The initial idea was crafted by Aquila Q. Guerra and sparked excitement in the minds of fellow high fashion personnel such as Elise Beckles, Kami Duntin and Cherith Burke.

This bright idea is now in the form of a website that features local Christian fashion icons and seasonal trends.

After seeing the standard to church clothing declining among youth and adults, She decided to make Church Dress mainstream and highly fashionable once again. As a child, she made her mark wearing couture dresses designed by her aunt and crafted by her mother. Her love for church fashion grew with her into adolescence. She was always seen sporting the newest scarf and trendy chunky heels. With this fashion history, what would you expect? Her love for Christ collided with fashion and www.Church is the product.